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SRAM Neutral Race Support Bikes Stolen

by | Dec 07, 2011 |

Thieves took eight bikes that are used in SRAM’s 2X10 mountain bike demo program. In an act particularly despicable to this editor, the criminals also stole the toolbox of one of SRAM’s mechanics.

Please be on the lookout for the following bikes:

Ibis Mojo SL, small, white, X0 components
Ibis Mojo SL, large, carbon, X0 components
Intense Tracer 29, large, silver, X7 components
Intense Tracer 29, medium, green, X0 components
Niner EMD Hardtail, medium, silver, X0 components
Specialized Enduro, large, brown, X0 components
Specialized Stumpy 29 Hardtail, large, white/red, X0 components
Turner Flux , small, red, XX components

Also keep your eyes peeled for a Platt 8-inch toolbox with wing pallets and cork lined dividers in bottom. There are no stickers on the outside.

If you see any of these bikes or the toolbox, please contact the local authorities immediately. Follow any updates on Twitter @SRAMNRS.