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Lots of Great Vendors Signing On For The Subaru VeloSwap This Year

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Lots of great vendors signing up for the 2014 Subaru VeloSwap this year.  Very exciting!  Below is just a sampling, more coming every day.  will be updating the vendor list over the weekend.Logo Group 1

Community Cycles and the Subaru VeloSwap

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Community Cycles

Community Cycles has been a longtime supporter of the Subaru VeloSwap and likewise, The Subaru VeloSwap a longtime supporter of them.  Do you know what they do?  Read it here:

Community Cycles (CC) is a non-profit organization of bicycle enthusiasts whose mission is to educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as an affordable, viable and sustainable means of transportation and personal enjoyment within our community.

CC provides re-cycled bikes and a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, maintenance and operation through outreach and advocacy activities.

They will be in booth 199, be sure to visit them while you are at the event.

Green Guru Back with Expanded Interactive Area

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2012_TRIANGLE_DISPLAY-triangleThe good people from Green Guru will be back this year with an expanded 20×20 interactive area including their bicycle power sewing machine and recycled reflective sticker making process.  This will be great for kids and adults to get their hands into some cool things.

Check out their video from last year.

Nationwide Insurance Joins VeloSwap

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Natinionwide logoThe Subaru VeloSwap welcomes Nationwide Insurance to this year’s event.

Nationwide has a special endorsement for their homeowner policies that allows us to cover bikes for cyclists that in the event of a loss, most commonly theft, only have a $5.00 deductible, whereas the majority of their competitors would make you pay your standard homeowner or property insurance deductible which on average is $1000+.  overage is applicable anywhere in the world.

Visit them in booth 82 for more information.

Subaru VeloSwap Announces Official Bike Recycling Partners

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Bike Recycle Partners Logo

The Subaru VeloSwap is pleased to announce that the Recycle Bicycle Program and Project Recycle, both of Denver, CO have been named the Official Bike Recycling Partners.  They will have branded recycling containers in two part of the hall this year, one in the back portion in booth 417 and one in the Recycling Zone next to Subaru.

“We are very pleased to partner with both The Recycle Bicycle Program and Project Recycle for this year’s event”, said Reese Brown, the Subaru VeloSwap Director.  “Both of these organization’s missions align very closely with those of the event and of Subaru, our Title Sponsor.”

Vendors are encouraged to donate any leftover items from complete bikes to parts and accessories so these organizations can continue to provide bike to under served Denver area youths.07Subaru_MED_2.CMYK_Ver_R1